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Home Services for Dogs:

Welcome to DogSittingMurrieta. We provide dog sitting in our home as well as one-on-one training. We ensure that your dog gets constant human presence and care, unrestricted access to the backyard, fresh water, daily walks, vitamins or medicine, and a place to rest. All sizes of dogs are welcome in our house, big and small. We will treat your pet as one of our own.

You can rest assured that with us your loved one is in caring and responsible hands and receives plenty of affection. Whether your dog loves to go on walks, play fetch, tug rope, or sleep in the shade – this is the place to be. We kindly request that your dogs are up to date on all required vaccine shots including Bordetella, Rabies, and Parvovirus. Copies of shots required.


Dog Sitting Murrieta

I provide dog boarding, daycare and training.
Daily walks, drop-in visits, long term solutions.

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Dog Boarding

Per day. Checkout at 2pm.
Price: $25 Dogs: Amount: $0


Under 6 months old
Price: $35 Dogs: Amount: $0
Additional Services

Full Bath

Includes: Deep shampooing and conditioning using Mane'n Tail line of products.
Price: $10 Dogs: Amount: $0

Pick up / Drop off

Within 5 miles
Price: $20 Amount: $0
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